Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Can we do Science at home... Is it even possible?

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Most people associate research and all things science to the laboratory. And they think the laboratory is the place where all the scientists and research go and use all sorts of expensive, high tech gadgets to conduct studies that possibly impact our lives. Is it really true?

Well, its mostly true. Some experiments have to involve machines that are huge and cannot be easily moved around, such as the Nuclear magnetic resonance machines as well as the infra-red and ultra violet spectrometers.  However, computational based chemistry utilized servers that can be hosted in any part of the world. Which means, anyone can get access to them and start an experiment as long as you have access to the internet. For smaller scale simulations, you can actually do them on your own laptop or desktop computer.

So, yes. You can do scientific research in the comfort of your own home! Its easy to get started if you have the appropriate tools and software license in your college or company. Alternatively you can always find open-sourced programs that are completely free or available for use for educational purposes.

Let me recommend some in the next post!

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