Sunday, 28 October 2012


Heya folks,

The title says it all, this webpage will be somewhat focused and below are some of the items that I will strive to include on a regular basis.

Some of them such as 'tips and tricks' will be posted as and when I pick up any or when I realise something might be useful to the wider audience. Others such as 'computational stuff/examples' will be a more regular feature and a couple of ' new series' on 'Writing' and 'Getting Published' will be  included gradually.

Updates on upcoming items will be updated regularly, so will recaps. If you missed anything, no worries, you can always find it in my recap posts or under the 'archives'.

Things to look forward to:

  1. Research tips and tricks 
  2. Article reviews
  3. (Useful) website reviews
  4. Computational stuff - examples
  5. How to subscribe to journals
  6. Research : How to do it systematically
  7. Writing tips : How to write systematically, minimize distraction 
  8. Reading tips: How sieve out important information quickly
signing off~

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