Sunday, 19 May 2013

Introduction to Chemical Simulations (Materials Studio)

Hello Guys,

I thought this simple video provides some illustration to what chemical simulations look like. This video focuses on the Materials Studio software and showcase the basic functions as well as some high level ones such as the 'reaction preview' to visualize the process of a chemical reaction.



Sights in London

Hello readers,

I have been really busy these couple of months and I have neglected to make updates. I am hoping the next quarter would be better so I can properly update the site and put up some specific articles. Anyhow, I am putting up some pictures that I took during my earlier trip. It was a pleasant memory with beautiful scenery. I would love to go back there for a long vacation.


At the Cutty Sark. Beautiful skies and what a ship!

You could purchase a ticket to visit the interior of the ship but I would only recommend to true ship lovers.

Westminster, Big Ben and the famed London Eye.

One of the more beautiful skyline pictures I have taken : Westminster

The Buckingham Palace : Beautiful home for the Royal Family.

Mrs hudsons! For the Sherlock Holmes fan:

Some evening lights :

Chelsea! The football club.

Is that the SHARD? Tallest building in London.

Tower Bridge. A MUST-SEE.

Along River Thames:

A beautiful place. Very expensive. But definitely worth a visit in one's lifetime.

Do send me a message if you need information on trains or sights in London. I will try to help with the notes I've accumulated.