Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sights in London

Hello readers,

I have been really busy these couple of months and I have neglected to make updates. I am hoping the next quarter would be better so I can properly update the site and put up some specific articles. Anyhow, I am putting up some pictures that I took during my earlier trip. It was a pleasant memory with beautiful scenery. I would love to go back there for a long vacation.


At the Cutty Sark. Beautiful skies and what a ship!

You could purchase a ticket to visit the interior of the ship but I would only recommend to true ship lovers.

Westminster, Big Ben and the famed London Eye.

One of the more beautiful skyline pictures I have taken : Westminster

The Buckingham Palace : Beautiful home for the Royal Family.

Mrs hudsons! For the Sherlock Holmes fan:

Some evening lights :

Chelsea! The football club.

Is that the SHARD? Tallest building in London.

Tower Bridge. A MUST-SEE.

Along River Thames:

A beautiful place. Very expensive. But definitely worth a visit in one's lifetime.

Do send me a message if you need information on trains or sights in London. I will try to help with the notes I've accumulated.



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