Request for discussion

One of the main purposes of setting up this website is to create a place to allow people to discuss and propose solutions to problems related to Chemistry simulations or Chemistry in general. Software problems are commonly encountered and people new to these software often proceed to perform the experimental simulation with little understanding of the settings or basis of the calculations.

I hope to include information specific to some tricks or solutions to problems that my peers and I have encountered so that it can save others from the pain and anxiety associated with the encounter.

Specific examples and pictures may not be provided because the information regarding the chemistry may be subject to Patent and it would be inappropriate to disclose the specifics. Nevertheless the methods of resolving similar problems will be discussed.

I also take the opportunity to encourage readers or students to feel free to send me a message ( or a tweet  @johnHDchem if you wish me to take a look at your work that may be school related or otherwise. I am happy to take a look and offer advice however I can, depending on my schedule. Please indicate if you wish to keep any part of your work private.

I am also happy to be of service to commercial units who wish to have a temporary or part time simulations chemist to spur the development of technologies. Please do feel free to drop me a note as well to discuss the details. Patenting technologies is not new to me and I clearly understand the necessity of going through the conditions and paperwork.

That's all from me.

Signing off~

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